Empowered, Sexy, And Free Book

Empowered, Sexy, And Free Book


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Empowered, Sexy & Free is for the woman who is tired of feeling constantly triggered, burnt out from the pressures/demands of life, and is hesitant to shine the light on her deepest shadows, but knows now is the time. She hears the call to do her inner work to discover the pleasure of knowing herself at her highest, creative potential. This book holds the keys to the path of true awakening and self-discovery.

You will be introduced to eight powerful women who have triumphed over their past to reclaim their boldest expression. Through their stories of reclaiming their power, you will be invited to discover your own. Are you ready to stop conforming to the society of “normal” and discover your true inner brilliance? Will you dare to shine brightly in a grayscale world?

Empowered, Sexy & Free Volume 2 is for the woman who desires to: Feel her internal wholeness and self-love rather than seeking external validation. Integrate her past to have a truly liberated future. Learn the power of her emotional intelligence to reclaim inner peace and stillness. Create healthy boundaries with herself and others to make room for her innate power. Discover her purest form of creativity, self-expression & contribution to the world. Heal her relationship with money to be able to do what she wants, when she wants. 

This is a collaborative book of eight co-authors in Jolie Dawn’s Empowered, Sexy & Free book series.

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