CrazyBeautiful Blog

  • Music Muse x Sia

    Anytime you hear a powerhouse song from one of your faves, nine times out of ten it was written by Sia. 
  • Blogger Spotlight: Kristina O. of Teeny's Modern Life

    Hey CBville! We love a girl with great style, so this month we're kicking off a new Blogger Spotlight series to highlight some of the cool, crazy beautiful style bloggers that we follow.

  • Hair How To: Infinity Braid

    Want to add a new twist to your every day braids? Try out the infinity braid, one of the hottest summer styles out right now. While the look is intricate, it's much easier to do than you think!
  • Music Muse x Alicia Keys


    Sometimes you need a song that you can just relax and vibe to, and Alicia Key's latest single, "In Common", fits the bill.  

  • Girl Crush x Emilia Clarke

    Last week we saw Me Before You, the heartstrings-tugging but surprisingly un-sappy movie staring Emilia Clarke, and we now have a MAJOR girl crush on her.

  • Music Muse x DJ Crystal Mercedes

    We first met at Memphis Fashion Week 2 years ago (her sets throughout the show were ah-mazing) and today we're releasing a Summer 16 Playlist curated by Crystal! 
  • Girl Crush x Thelma + Louise

    It should be no surprise that this week's #WCW goes out to Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon's iconic characters, Thelma & Louise. Movie history was made when these two friends got together for a weekend of "fun". 
  • Geeze Louise, it's #TriviaTuesday!

    As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the groundbreaking film Thelma & Louisewe want to know which one are you?
  • Music Muse x DNCE

    After last night's BBMAs performance, there's no way we could NOT dedicate today's Music Muse to DNCE
  • Music Muse x HAIM

    We haven't been able to stop listening to HAIM's debut album "Days Are Gone" since its 2013 release and we're sure you haven't either!
  • Girl Crush x Solange Knowles

    This weeks #WCW is Solange Knowles. Not only did she kill her Met Gala look per usual, but she just has overall great personal style.
  • Stylish Fun at Mimosas + Moms!

    Sundays were made for mimosas, and with Mother's Day being on Sunday as well, we decided to combine the two for a little sip and shop fun!