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Tips On Revamping Your Closet

With the New Year upon us, now is the perfect time to give your closet and overall wardrobe a revamp. Our personal style will evolve as we try out new trends, but for most, it pretty much stays the same at its core. Why not take one of your snow days to get rid of the old clothes you don't really love anymore to make room for the pieces that you really love?

You don't have to go with a capsule wardrobe, but you can begin to curate a collection of pieces that can help you get out the door quickly while always looking like you're IG ready. Here are a few tips how:

Define Your Style

Do you love classic pieces, or are you a trend-chaser and the next Carrie Bradshaw? Taking a moment to define what your personal style is will be the first step in overhauling your wardrobe. If you hone in on the aesthetic that you find yourself drawn to (and wanting to recreate), you'll have a better idea of what pieces you need to toss or keep. Make yourself a Pinterest board for outfits that you love on your favorite blogs and across the net (at least 20), and see what style sticks. You can also do it old-school with mags, too!


Clean It Out

Now that you've defined your style, take a free day to clean out your closet. Don't just get rid of old pieces: take some real time to try on EVERY. SINGLE. THING. Sometimes we hold on to pieces that we love because of memories but they fit terribly. Make a pile for things to keep, things to donate, things to sell, and things to toss. If you must keep something for nostalgic reasons, put it in a keepsake box so that you don't try to wear it anymore. Also, make sure that the pieces that you keep are in great condition, fit you perfectly, and can mix and match easily (unless it's a truly standout piece that's for special occasions). 

Organize It

Now that you've cleared everything out, pick up some new hangers and organize your closet in a way that fits your life and/or OCD levels. Some people organize based color, type of clothing, or occasion (work/school/cocktails) so do what makes sense for you. Huggable hangers, bins, and clear dividers for shoes and accessories will help you to design it in a way that will make you get excited about getting dressed every day. 

Shop With A Purpose

NOW... on to the fun part. You've cleared out the shoes and clothes that don't fit your style anymore, so you can go shopping for the pieces that will help you recreate some of your favorite looks. Refer to your Pinterest board and make a list of what's missing from your closet. You'll have to shop with laser sharp focus so that you don't buy things just because they're cute, but now you'll be able to really build a wardrobe that you love!

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