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  • Girl Crush x Robyn

    We've been a fan of Robyn since the 90s when she dropped "Show Me Love", but it was her 2010 single "Dancing on My Own" that reignited our love and launched an even higher level of fandom for both her music + her style.
  • Girl Crush x Hannah Bronfman

    Hannah Bronfman is one of those girls that everyone would love to be friends with. Not only is the DJ cute + fun with great style, she also runs the insanely popular site HBFIT, which is all about health, beauty and fitness.

  • Music Muse x MØ - Kamikaze

    Doesn't matter when a song lands on your radar, only that your life is now enhanced with some new tunes. The latest jam for CBVille? MØ's Kamikaze, off her 2015 album by the same name.
  • Music Muse x Tegan + Sara

    Ok so, I don't know where the hell I was when this song was released back in 2013, but Tegan + Sara's "I Was a Fool" has been my JAM for the last 2 weeks. Like, seriously on repeat as if it were a track that was freshly released.
  • Music Muse x Sia

    Anytime you hear a powerhouse song from one of your faves, nine times out of ten it was written by Sia. 
  • Girl Crush x Emilia Clarke

    Last week we saw Me Before You, the heartstrings-tugging but surprisingly un-sappy movie staring Emilia Clarke, and we now have a MAJOR girl crush on her.

  • Girl Crush x Thelma + Louise

    It should be no surprise that this week's #WCW goes out to Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon's iconic characters, Thelma & Louise. Movie history was made when these two friends got together for a weekend of "fun". 
  • Music Muse x HAIM

    We haven't been able to stop listening to HAIM's debut album "Days Are Gone" since its 2013 release and we're sure you haven't either!
  • Girl Crush x Maty Noyes

    We've got a seeeerious girl crush on singer Maty Noyes right now. Ever since we heard Kygo's "Stay" ft. Maty, we haven't been able to get the song or her quirky, playful style out of our heads. She's definitely a CB girl! 
  • Girl Crush x Kate Mara

    From TV to movies and back to TV again (well, kinda), Kate Mara is on the scene and it looks like she'll stay for awhile. The first time I remember seeing her was in the class reunion flick 10 Years and soon learned of her other accolades; i.e. American Horror Story127 Hours and 24  to name a few. Her most popular role to date is that of Zoe Barnes in the Netflix original series House of Cards. The next big role for Ms. Mara is in The Fantastic Four reboot set to premiere next year.