Hair How To: Infinity Braid

Want to add a new twist to your every day braids? Try out the infinity braid, one of the hottest summer styles out right now. While the look is intricate, it's much easier to do than you think!

We teamed up with Elaine Clayton, owner of Salon 387 to show you how to get the look!


Starting with freshly washed hair, apply braid aid, texturizing spray, and little bit of texture powder and blow dry til hair is about 85% dry.

Part hair in the middle or side (we did middle for a play on boxer braids) and start loosely french braiding hair to the back of the head on one side. Secure with an elastic band. Repeat on the other side. 

Once hair is secure:

Take one braid and divide it into two parts, taking a small piece of hair from the left side.

 Cross the piece of hair over the left part that is directly next to it.

Then, cross it under and then over the right part.

Then take it under and around the left part (like you're creating a figure 8). 

Continue to repeat this step, picking up a new piece of hair from either side when you start to run out. Secure the ends with an elastic band.

Once hair is braided to the desired point, smooth with finishing spray. Remove the elastic band from the top of braid, and begin to loosen the french braid along the crown (the messier the better). Use bobby pins to help with volume. 

Curl ends, then repeat the braiding process on the other side. 

Once hair is set on both sides you can now play around with the ends by twisting them together or making braids into a bun. You can leave them free as well!

Set with hair spray and voila! 

Braids should last a few days, and you'll have cascading mermaid braids once you take them down. How cool is that?


Additional Credits:

Model: Evelyn Diaz

Clothing + Jewelry: Crazy Beautiful

Photography: Kim Thomas

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