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Posted on August 26, 2016 | 0 comments

Admit it. When no one is around and a sappy movie comes on...you cry. See a sweet baby being snuggled by her mom? You tear up. A basket full of puppies? It's over. You weep at the drop of a dime, but it's ok. Embrace being a crybaby. Why? Because you're not alone.

Welcome to the Crybaby Girl Gang.

Last year Natalie Meagan, artist + mommy of two adorable kids, embraced her inner crybaby and launched The Crybaby Club, a cool lifestyle brand that helps you to express all of the AWESOME things about being a crybaby. The Crybaby Club is a safe place for all of the sweet, tender souls and anyone that's like "yes, I cry. So what?!"

Before launching The Crybaby Club, Natalie sold artwork, so you can see her cute + quirky creativity all throughout the line (and in her personal style (hello 90s babe!) and home (seriously, can we move in????)

Some of my favorite things from her collection are the Big Girl PantiesMemphis pins. They also have some cool patches for jackets, t-shirts, greeting cards and more. 

 Want to join the gang? We're hosting a fun pop-up shop with Natalie tomorrow from 1p-4p. Come and let your Crybaby flag fly!

There will be a dope giveaway of Crybaby Merch as well, so come by and say hi. RSVP here!


Visit www.thecrybabyclub to learn more about Natalie and her team!


photos: Kim Thomas

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