Music Muse x The Killers

Our #MCM this week (that's man-crush monday for those not in the know) was the talented, and easy on the eyes, Brandon Flowers. What a hunk, right? For this lovely Thursday morning I decided on a throwback post. It seemed only fitting to make it about Brandon and the rest of his crew. From the very first single, each accompanying music video is like a mini movie. Is it weird music videos can sometimes make or break me liking a song? I know, right. Total weirdo.

With the release of their Direct Hits compilation late last year, two new tracks were introduced. The videos for "Shot At The Night" (featuring the oh-so-handsome Max Minghella) and "Just Another Girl" (featuring Glee-songstress Dianna Agron) are equally as inventive as those that preceded.


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