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Recreate These Famous Movie Looks

Do you ever find yourself watching a movie and getting distracted by the outfits on screen. It happens to me far too often. As a result, a lot of my favorite movies and TV shows influence my wardrobe. I chase after the perfect statement shoe because Carrie does. I opt for oversized sweaters because Sally rocks them so effortlessly. Thankfully, CrazyBeautiful always has my back when I'm attempting to recreate these looks. Check out some of my favorite fashion moments in film. Then see how I've recreated them with a CrazyBeautiful twist. 

Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City: The Movie

When it comes to style icons on the big screen, Carrie is the first character that always comes to mind. Whether she's showing off her vast Manolo Blahnik collection or hunting down the perfect vintage dress, her wardrobe picks are impeccable. My personal favorite scene in the Sex and the City movie is Carrie's bridal shoot. Every single look is flawless and glamorous. As a result, I wanted to recreate that bridal look with a CrazyBeautiful touch. Of course, I started with a flattering Can't Help Myself Dress. It fits everyone like a glove, and the sheer sleeves are an absolute dream. Next, it wouldn't be a Carrie Bradshaw-approved outfit without a strong shoe. That's why I went for our Ms. Hilton Heel. Finally, top the look off with our brand new Janey Bee Jems Marylin Earrings and our appropriately named Carey Clutch. The whole look will make you feel as glamorous as Carrie. 

Sally Albright, When Harry Met Sally

As a journalist, I've always seen myself in Sally Albright. Her style, hair and idiosyncrasies all work together to create an endearing, loveable character. As a result, my wardrobe closely matches hers – especially in the fall. When Harry Met Sally is always a go-to lookbook for fall fashion. And the key to recreating that wardrobe? An oversized sweater. Both Harry and Sally rock some baggy sweaters, but it is the scene in Harry's apartment where they're rolling out his rug that always stands out. I took the liberty to update this look; after all, a oversized sweater is very versatile. I started with our Larken Sweater Top (which I have been living in during quarantine) and I paired it with the Elodie Skort for a modern vibe. Finally, this outfit wouldn't be fall-ready without a pair of Ur New Favorite Booties in Black Croco and a Santa Baby Red Scarf. Altogether, this look gives off New York in the fall vibes with a touch of the girl-next-door.


Jenna Rink, 13 Going on 30

Watching Jenna's fashion choices evolve throughout 13 Going on 30 was an absolute treat. From her Thriller dance ensemble to her 13-year-old scrunchies, she did no wrong. However, my absolute favorite style choices from the movie came from her toned down styles. After Jenna found herself and her style, her wardrobe became softer and more feminine. These scenes were packed full of florals, headbands and pearls, and I was here for it! Thankfully, CrazyBeautiful is embracing spring and all of the floral dresses it has to offer right now. In fact, it was the Happiness Over Everything Dress that inspired this blog in the first place. I decided to pair that little number with some dreamy pastel accessories. The Rainbow Brite Headband and Polly Purse effortlessly worked together, and the Mixed Signal Heel in nude tied the whole look together. Worn together, this outfit prepares you up for eating plenty of razzles and watching movies with the girls. 

Gwen, Housesitter

Ok, if you haven't watched Housesitter, open a new tab and watch this classic ASAP. Not only is the movie absolutely adorable, but Goldie Hawn's outfits alone make it worth watching. Like Sally, Gwen embraces the oversized – whether it's a cardigan or a pair of boyfriend jeans. When she arrives to the small town, she is wearing an unforgettable leopard print jacket and a pair of high-rise boyfriend jeans. Finding that exact jacket was a feat, but our Penny Denim Jacket instantly came to mind. While not leopard print, it has enough flare to pull this whole look together. From there, I simply paired the jacket with my favorite pair of jeans right now, the Riley Boyfriend Jean. Instead of going for a full Canadian tuxedo, I decided to add in the Lovely Day Bodysuit to tie in the jacket's pink faux fur. Finally, complete this retro ensemble with a pair of statement sunnies (Kiki Do U Love Me Sunnies) and you're ready to wreak havoc on Steve Martin's life. 

Donna and the Dynamos, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

What I would do to watch Donna and the Dynamos perform a show. . .Not only do I love a good ABBA song, but there's something about their coordinated ensembles that pulls me in everytime. Donna is usually sporting a great pair of overalls, but her style really shines when the Dynamos perform. During Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, the girls show off some wicked flares – like our Jordyn Denim Flares. Each girl adds their own personal flare to the flares, but I personally loved Donna's pleather jacket. That is why I decided to top off those Mamma Mia-inspired look with our Chloe Jacket. Most importantly, I completed this look with the Ginger Platform Heel. Because no ABBA cover band can perform without some memorable platforms. 

If you ever find yourself in a wardrobe rut, I highly recommend rewatching those old chick flicks. They never fail to spark outfit inspiration. After all, who wouldn't want to look like their favorite movie characters? Recreating movie outfits can be tricky. However, it is important to add your own flare and interpretation. 


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