Meet The Team | Hannah DeRossitt

Hannah is one of our newest additions to the staff who joined us in August 2019. We went crazy over her edgy, one-of-a-kind style immediately, and we knew we needed her to be a part of the CrazyBeautiful family. That self-described edgy style is what caught my eye when I first met her. She definitely brings a new perspective to the shop, and she makes all of her pieces her own. Read a little bit more about Hannah and her styling inspiration below:



Emily: Think back, what were the first pieces you purchased at the shop:
Hannah: A Led Zeppelin DayDreamer tee.
E: Ok, so what is your favorite CB purchase of all time?
H: My pleather skort and studded hat.
E: Are there any summer fashion trends you are looking forward to?
H: I’m really looking forward to edging up some pastel pieces and mixing dreamy, flirty vibes with my usual punk style.
E: How would you describe the shop’s style? Do you have any favorite pieces right now? 
H: CB keeps up with trends, and we never fall short! We aren’t afraid to take risks and get those one-of-a-kind prices in. Right now I’m dying over the tie-dye maxi!
E: What do you think sets CB apart from other boutiques: 
H: You can always feel the vibe when you walk into a store– especially, if there’s a tense vibe. You never feel that bad vibe at CB. Not only does the staff get along, but we take out extra time and heart to get to know our customers. Plus everyone is able to stunt their own style and express themselves the way they want!

E: Could you describe your favorite perfect date night outfit?
H: Put a cute dress (like the Lightning and Thunder Dress) on and go to a gallery or catch a show– honestly, anything artsy. Then go to downtown Memphis for a nice dinner at Flight and walk around and enjoy the city while trying out different bars.
E: Who is your biggest style icon?
H: Right now, Billie Eilish.
E: Ok, style me an outfit for going out with the girls:
H: Anything that requires a dress! I can definitely see the Sandra Dress paired with our Hidden Garden Cardigan. From there, it would be super fun to spice up the outfit with Marilyn Cocktail Mule and the Reversible Abalone Necklace.




We hope you've enjoyed getting to know Hannah just as much as we have. To keep up with more of her bold, fun fits, check out her Instagram ( She transforms every outfit into a memorable ensemble. Also, stay tuned as we introduce you to more members of our CrazyBeautiful family!


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