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5 Ways to Make the Most of your Spring Wardrobe in Quarantine

During this unprecedented time, finding a reason to get out of sweatpants can be tricky (especially if you're working from home). However, if you're anything like me, getting dressed up can be an instant mood booster. Of course, we should all be practicing social distancing by staying home during this pandemic, but that doesn't mean there aren't reasons to put on our favorite party clothes.

I’ve found myself in a clothing rut consisting of pajamas, sweatpants and comfy socks, and I can already see the effect it’s had on my mood. I feel less productive and more inclined to spend the day not working. As a result, last week I played around in my closet. I found that when I got dressed in my “going out” clothes, I was more productive. If you’re working from home, you may be wondering what there is to dress up for. Here are some fun ways to break the cycle and make use of that closet of yours:

1. Host a picnic in your backyard or courtyard

I don't know about you, but I became sick of my typical dinner routine (it usually consisted of UberEats and dinner in front of the TV). So, last week I decided to mix things up with a picnic blanket and (literal) breath of fresh air. Or course, no picnic is truly complete without a carefree sundress to accompany it. Schedule a time this week to break out that picnic blanket, and find yourself a dress that screams spring time. Whether you make your own chicken salad, or reheat those leftovers, I promise you won’t regret dining outside. Check out our Darling Darla Dress–she is a perfect embodiment of picnic style.

2. Find the perfect denim shorts for a walk outside

Whether you have a furry friend or not, now is the time to savor those mid-afternoon walks. They're a great way to explore your neighborhood, exercise and see the outside world. Not to mention, they're an event of their own now. Why not dress up for them? I personally love pairing a pair of high-waisted shorts with my beloved DayDreamer tops when I'm taking a stroll. It's a carefree look that's both practical and stylish. Our brand new Annabelle Denim Shorts compliment every band t-shirt perfectly (don’t forget, they come in different washes!). If you want to go the extra mile (no pun intended), pair your new shorts with our go-to sneaker: Walkin' On Sunshine Platform Sneakers. These staff-approved favorite are comfy enough to accompany you on a walk and stylish enough to complete an outfit.

3. Go all out for that zoom call

If you haven't heard, FaceTime has some competition. Zoom is now the go-to for all conference calls, family chats and best friend teatimes. Of course, there are different moods for different Zoom calls, but why not dress to the nines regardless? For those business calls, I suggest a fun, spring blazer. Or, if you're feeling bold, plan a girls night. Challenge everyone to wear their favorite party look, and show off your stylings while you're catching up. No matter the Zoom occasion, CrazyBeautiful has your back. I know I, personally, have been gauging gawking over our The Man Suit Set. We suggest styling it with a professional blouse for those staff meetings, and then wearing it Kim K-style for those dress-up nights with the girls.

4. Plan a photoshoot in that party outfit

Ok, let's be honest, who doesn't love a good Insta-worthy photo? Now is the time to allocate some energy toward a personal photoshoot. Find a light-filled space in your home (or use your backyard!), pick out a glamorous outfit and start shooting. Hosting a photoshoot is great way to keep yourself occupied and creatively stimulated. You certainly don’t need to be an Instagram influencer to capture those angles! Simply find an outfit that works for you and start snapping those photos. Something like, our Candyland Cardigan would look add some flare to your feed. Don’t forget to tag us when you upload. We love to see how you add your own personal flare to our products.

5. Strive for comfy and cute when you're filming that TikTok video

Ok, so in all honesty, I've never actually filmed a TikTok. However, I have made note of the new dances while scrolling through my feed. If you're feeling more confident than me, try learning and recording these viral dances (don't worry, they're ranked by difficulty). If you do end up posting, why not go for a comfy and cute look while you're at it? Try channeling your inner Kacey Musgraves with our Oh, What a World Sweater. This colorful little number pairs wonderfully with our Neon Biker Shorts these pieces will make you stand out on TikTok while still giving you the comfortability to show off your moves

Overall, these are just a few ways to get those creative, fashion juices flowing while you’re at the house. I’ve found it challenging to find a reason to dress up when everything in the world feels so stagnant. However, utilizing my closet and envisioning new outfits has definitely boosted my morale. I hope these tips and suggestions find you all well during this confusing time, and let us know on social media how you’ve been getting dressed during quarantine!

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