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Trends That Are Back in Style and Here to Stay

While working at CrazyBeautiful, there is one phrase I hear almost every shift: "I can't believe these are back in style! I wish I hadn't thrown mine out." Whether they're looking at bell bottoms or scrunchies, customers are always amazed by the styles that have made a comeback. Below are some of my all-time favorite comeback outfits. Read through, and then check your closet! You'll be inspired to unpack those bike shorts, sort through the neckerchiefs and break out those white boots. Or, if you donated those items long ago, check out our online store for our interpretations of these throwback pieces!

Bike Shorts

If you've seen me around the shop, I can almost guarantee you that I was wearing a pair of cycling shorts. No, I don't bike. Actually, I am attempting to channel my inner Princess Diana. Bike shorts are a great to style casually with a DayDreamer band t-shirt and chunky sneakers. Or, feel free to dress them up with a matching tube top and platform sandals. I'm personally digging our Silver Snake Cycle Shorts right now. The snakeskin print is a fun way to spice up an outfit, and if you haven't hear, animal prints are back!


Neckerchiefs are perhaps the most versatile in pieces you can buy. Whether you're adding a bit of sophistication to a blouse or styling it around your hair with a pair of oversized sunglasses, you can't go wrong. We offer some adorable floral neck scarves right now that look fabulous no matter how you wear them. Don't forget that scarves make a great addition to purses. Simply tie your favorite patterned scarf around your purse's strap and, viola, a bag bursting with personality. 

Bell Bottoms

High-waisted pants are most definitely a closet staple that is here to stay. But their style cousin, the bell bottom, is coming back in style, too. Bell bottoms add a bit of drama to every outfit. And have I mentioned how flattering they are? Something about that flare and high-waisted fit makes everyone look #snatched. For an extra vintage look, try pairing our Make Me Blush Super Flares with a tied up band tee. For added fun, throw in a pair of white boots and a striped turban.


When I think of the nineties, I picture Full House and some fabulous hair moments. DJ's double bangs, Stephanie's frizzy curls and Michelle's pigtails all have one thing in common: scrunchies. These simple hair ties have made their way back to the mainstream some twenty years later, and we can't get enough. The shop boasts a wide variety of velvet scrunchies and animal prints. Whether you're going for a light pink scrunchie or a snakeskin print, we've got you covered. 

White Boots

Go-go boots were a must have in the 70s. I mean, what else would you wear to the disco? In 2020, we've brought that trend back with our snazzy white boots. The Jules Bootie brings back that groovy energy with a modern twist. Hopefully by this point, you've already unpacked those old bell bottoms. I recommend slapping on some white booties and channeling your go-go dancer. Imagine those boots going to work on the dance floor at Raiford's!

One of my favorite aspects of working retail is watching which trends come and go. It is always fascinating to see what decides to make a comeback and when. Personally, I can't get enough of these throwback pieces. And, if I've learned anything, it is that you should never throw anything out. So, pack up all of those festival fits you wore to Beale Street Music Festival and hold onto those chunky sneakers. You never know, maybe they'll be selling them again ten years from now!


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